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About Derek

I have always been a curious person. If something looked interesting to me, I had to investigate. Having an inquisitive mind opened the door for so many adventures.


I have always had a vivid imagination. My Dad was an educator in the local public school system, and my mother was a bookkeeper. Their modest income provided a stable and modest environment. I have always had a very active and vivid imagination. In elementary school, after homework assignments were done, I loved playing by myself in the mango tree grove behind our home. The huge Hayden Mango trees had an ample water supply from the stream flowing alongside it. I would cut False Koa branches, fashion spears, bows, and arrows, fighting the invisible enemy. Not having the internet or too many structured programs like kids have these days allowed my creativity to have no limit.


People’s nature intrigues me. One of my favorite pastimes is sitting quietly and observing people, wondering what kind of story they might have. I learned to be sensitive to the unspoken, conscious of their body language and the expression in their eyes. I realized this sensibility expanded once I began to travel or work within communications where English was not spoken as the primary language.  I also began to appreciate the language of music and how it can transcend barriers.


I have been called a hopeless optimistic, a character trait I am proud to have. Without hope, life can be dismal or, worse, not worth living. Nothing saddens me more than meeting someone struggling or has lost their purpose. I want to be that voice that offers hope.


Imposter Syndrome has clouded most of my adult years. I never believed I was good at anything, always fearful of being found out to be a fraud. Thanks to information on the internet from people sharing their stories, I have that under control. It’s amazing how many people suffer from this in varying degrees. I will always step up and help someone who is struggling with it. I know what it is like to be in their shoes.


I never thought I was special or possessed. The concept of reincarnation appeals to me because of my affinity to different things without prior education or knowledge. My life has been guided, looked over, and blessed. And I am grateful. I try hard to be present and to exist in a state of gratitude. It’s a start for discovering and being my best self, therefore enabling me to help others.

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