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January 1, 2019

Throughout 2018 I was conscious that it was moving like a whirlwind! Trying to be mindful and present was not the issue. Making sure I didn’t mess up on my daily task or responsibilities kept me there lol.

My story grew and deepened. Talking and listening to stories shared by my family, friends and colleagues made me aware of our humanness. The particulars were different and unique, but the emotional barometer showed me how interconnected we all are.

We all desire to love and to be loved.

People would like to be listened too and not just be talked at.

Everyone should be made to feel they matter and are important.

Empathy and compassion help me to connect and be of service.

I have learned that to discover my bliss is to address and discard my fears.

Kindness is power.

Building and contributing to our community is where change begins.

I accepted that the road to my bliss has always been through my music. I have been privileged with the wonderful and diverse artist I have worked with this past year and in fact, my entire professional career. We made wonderful records.

The next chapter is to create music that makes me feel good with the hope that it makes others feel the same way. I live in the music and hope to meet you there.

Happy New Year! Best wishes to all for a wonderful 2019!

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